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about ellingham

Ellingham provides a comprehensive vocational service which includes detailed evaluation and assessment procedures, accredited vocational training programmes, work experience and supported employment placement opportunities.

You are dealing with one of the premier vocational and supported employment services in the east London area as well as a team of dedicated professionals who have gained considerable experience and expertise in this field of work.

We are experts in the area of vocational guidance counselling, and training of people with learning disabilities. Some of our staff also have a business/commercial background, and are therefore very conscious of both the needs of yourselves as employers, and the vocational needs of our clients.

We actively seek work experience or supported employment placements for those clients who have shown a furthering commitment to extend their potential for employment opportunities as we as having a realistic concept of the work of work generally.

Our experience has shown that many of our clients many not interview as well as their fellow applicants. However, as managers with interviewing experience know, the skills required to interview well are often very different from the skills required to perform the job you are interviewing for. Therefore, we encourage employers to incorporate a work experience element to the selection process, to asses our clients ability.

Each client has a valuable skills and abilities. By focusing on what they can do, rather than what they cannot, real jobs are found with employers. This not only means employment and income, but independence, a sense of self worth and the chance to live their lives as integrated members of society.

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