Unfortunately, the Ellingham Road site has had to be closed to all visitors and clients until further notice.  However, I Can Ventures are still providing a continuing service to the clients with learning disabilities who usually attend.

At such a time of uncertainty, we know that our services are wanted by parents, carers and clients, in order to sustain well-being amongst the groups.  Indeed, Ellingham's services have always provided wider support to families and carers than just the activities offered in our centre. 

During the closure we want to continue to be responsive to all our clients, therefore we have devised a reshape of services to enable outreach to our clients during the closure period.

Whilst we are unable to offer face to face support we can offer a different type of service as a solution, designed to help our clients and carers through this difficult period.

The modified outreach service is contracted to address wellbeing and reduce social isolation. This has included since our period of shut-down commenced:


  • Telephone calls to clients that mirror the days of the week they attend ICV’s services - making sure clients understand what is happening. This provides a continuity of routine to clients.  Where clients are non-verbal we communicate through Facetime (or similar) with the assistance of carers.  This gives them attention and the opportunity to chat or express their concerns.   We also speak with the parents/carers giving them an opportunity to talk about their concerns and offer verbal support or signposting to relevant services.  
  • Providing daily calls to clients that live alone/has no other support network, including weekends, and advice given and support to ensure the client eats, maintains their routines and exercises regularly.
  • Providing advocacy/counselling if required for clients that are anxious and need an additional outlet.
  • Providing a mobile text line where clients and carers can request call backs.
  • Raising concerns/ safeguard situations, particularly where either we cannot maintain regular contact or where well-being within the home setting is deteriorating.


As from week commencing 6th April, we will be sending out fortnightly Newsletters and activity packs with the objective of offering some structure to the day and reduce boredom. This will help some of our clients maintain routines for their wellbeing.

The pack will include:

  • Messages from the team.
  • Advice (safety and well-being).
  • Remote learning links.
  • Art therapy sheets.
  • Worksheets.
  • Recipes.
  • Wellbeing suggestions.
  • Virtual meeting opportunities for “Speak up Group” members facilitated by the team.
  • Links to YouTube exercise classes.
  • Art competition.
  • Links to live webcams

 We will be encouraging clients to send in photographs, pictures, pieces of work, that will be included in forthcoming newsletters.  Naturally, we ensure that all any online or virtual activities are safe and in line with our existing information security practices.

We will continue to look at ways to adapt and offer interactive remote support, to ensure the clients are safe, well and happy.  To that end, now that the closure period has been extended, we are looking into the feasibility of establishing

  • On-line interactive activities with staff.
  • On-line interactive keep fit/well-being classes.

If you need us, please do get in touch through the usual channels and the appropriate member of staff will contact you as soon as possible.