Transition Pathway

Matthew came to Ellingham after leaving a college supported internship programme.  He had found the pace of the college programme too difficult and stressful.

When he came to Ellingham he was initially anxious, but after a gradual introduction to activities, he soon settled and made friends.  Matthew has progressed really well with this slower pace of learning, and grown in confidence and maturity.  He has been following our transition course, doing a timetable of vocational skills development in our Enterprises.

Matthew has developed his skills in gardening and as a café assistant, with work experience and training in our kitchen, and on our allotments.  Matthew is also learning to travel safely with our community group helping him to become more independent.  Matthew also enjoys our social activities, especially the choir and fitness sessions.  He is happy and enthusiastic, enjoying the challenges and encouragement from staff and peers.

The next step for Matthew is to join Ellingham’s own internship programme, which will include work preparation and work experience in the community.  His goal is paid work and independence, and he is well on the way to achieving this.

Ellingham offers this structured transition pathway, supporting the transition clients to progress at their own pace.